LTL Woodproducts verkoopt FSC-gecertificeerd hout

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an international organisation dedicated to responsible forest management worldwide. The FSC defines responsible forest management as when the social, ecological and economical aspects that relate to forest management are taken into consideration in a balanced way. The FSC has arranged this in a transparent manner. Thanks to this, FSC is supported by all large environmental and developmental organisations. And that makes FSC unique!

Wood comes from a FSC certified forest is identified by the FSC label. To ensure that products with this label actually come from a responsibly managed forest, all links in the product supply chain must be certified. Only when a forest manager, sawmill or wholesaler, for example, can show that they adhere to the rules of the FSC product, can it be sold as FSC and the FSC logo placed on it. LTL Woodproducts is FSC certified and supplies various types of FSC certified wood.

Download the LTL FSC-certificate

Download the LTA FSC-certificate


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