LTL Woodproducts verkoop PEFC-gecertificeerd hout

PEFC stands for the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes, the independent international label for the promotion of sustainable forest management. PEFC’s ultimate goal is that all forests in the world are managed in a sustainable way.

By means of forest management certification, forest owners can show that they manage their forest sustainably according to the requirements of the PEFC. PEFC-certified timber can be felled from a certified forest. Chain of Custody-certified companies further up the chain can process the timber (and paper) with the PEFC label into products such as newspapers, books, copy paper, garden timber, construction timber, laminate flooring and many other products.

LTL Woodproducts is PEFC-certified and supplies various types of PEFC-certified wood.

Download the LTL PEFC-certificaat

Download the LTA PEFC-certificaat


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