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LTL Woodproducts bediend van zijn specialistische team de klanten van a tot z

DThat after 115 years we are still a thriving business is down to our team. Their hard work, teamwork and specialist knowledge serves all of our customer’s needs from A to Z.

Office staff:

Roeland Plug – Head of Sales Office

Ben Schimmel – Sales Office

Jan Straatman – Sales Office

Debby van der Weerd – Sales Office


Mark Stevenhaagen – Sales Manager Netherlands

 Wouter Schreven – Account manager Eastern Netherlands Area

Wiet van Laarhoven – Account manager Southern Netherlands Area

Robert Jan Figge – Account manager Western Netherlands Area

Remco Dragt – Account manager Northern Netherlands Area

Maxim Byttebier – Account manager Belgium

Maxime Raffin – Account manager for France

 Seamus Bowles – Account manager for England


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